Professionally fitted hair extensions are secure, undetected, painless, long lasting and most of all safe to hair&scalp.
Micro weft/ LA weave hair extensions
Hair wefts are attached to your own hair using small micro beads/rings. This method is best used when full head coverage is needed adding colour, volume or length to your hair, ideal to cover thin or short areas. This method is applied without causing any tension, discomfort to the hair and scalp. It can last up to 8 weeks.                    
Micro ring hair extensions
Micro loops- I tip: Hair strands attached with ring beads are  ideal to achieve volume, colour and length. They can not be used on the top part of the head, as they can be easily seen. They are fitted only to the sides and to the back parts of your hair. You can  choose extension colours to mix in order to have high/low light effects without colouring your own hair. They can last up to 3  months with proper maintenance given every 4 weeks.
Tape hair extensions
Tape hair extensions utilize the same technology used to secure lace-front wigs at the hairline. Strips of clear, double-sided tape are attached to the base of a weft of Remy or human hair, and then these wefts are taped to the scalp. Because the tape used is completely flexible and see-through, your natural scalp is completely visible, and because the tape attaches to the scalp, there is no need for bulky braids or clips which may glint in the light. You can part the hair creatively and pull your locks into partial and full updos. They can last up tp 4-6 weeks
Keratin Pre-Bonded Hot Fusion
An extension strand of pre-bonded ‘U tip’ extension hair is applied to the clients own hair.
This is done by melting the keratin nail tip with a heat connector clamp, and then wrapping and rolling the heated keratin around the clients own hair to create a strong bond that hold the hair extension in place.
Removal is by applying specialist remover solution to each individual bond, and then crushing the bond. This weakens the bond and releases it from the clients hair, enabling the extension strand to be easily removed.

Sewn extension:

Weft hair is sewn in to the cornrows using needle & thread. They can add volume, length and colour. However they can cause tension or discomfort to your scalp temporarily. With proper maintenance they can last up to 4 weeks before they need to be removed.