Q: How long will my hair extensions last?
A:Maintance for each client varys this can be between 6-12 week, clients with shorter hair will need maintance sooner then those with long hair . The bonds/ micro rings will last between. 6-12 weeks depending on how they are cared for.


Q: Can the Hair Be Re-Used and how long will they last?
A: Yes, Our  Remy Hair can be re-used up to at least three times. This service is called Rebonding. Only the Luxury  Hair is so healthy that it can be worn for several wearing periods without a problem. 
(however the re-use of hair extensions also depends on how well you have looked after them) Our Remy hair extensions are designed to last for up to 3 months, they can last longer if cared for properly. Luxury hair  can last up to 1 year.


Q: Do I Have Any Limitations When Wearing Hair Extensions?
A: You don't have to limit your lifestyle in any way. Thanks to the secure Bondings with micro rings and the excellent quality of  the Hair we use  you can pursue all your hobbies and activities as usual. Long hair always requires more care than short hair, If for example you do vigorous exercise on a regular basis and thus have to wash your hair more often, then you have to take especially good care of you Hair in order to enjoy the hair Quality for a long time.


Q: Are Hair Extensions Hard to Take Care Of?
A: You need to take care of your Hair extensions as you would of with your own long hair.


Q: Can I Style And Color the Hair as Usual?
A: You can style your hair as usual using your blow dryer, flat iron or curling iron. The same is true for other processes such as perms or color. Having hair extensions does not mean that you are stuck with one particular hairstyle. However, chemical processes like coloring, tinting or perming can drastically change the
surface of the hair,make sure you use Sulfate free shampo and feed the hair using conditioner/ moisturising hair care products. This step is especially important because hair extensions are not attached to your scalp to be fed with the essential natural oils and moisture that feed your natural hair.


Moisturising hair care products keep your extension healthy as they work in place of the missing natural oils. If you are longing for shine, use a serum. Many hair care products that promote shine have a drying effect on hair.


Brush your hair daily  from roots to ends to prevent tangles. When blow drying be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance 0f 5inch min. Extreme heat can damage or dry out your Hair. Brush your hair daily  from roots to ends to prevent tangles. When blow drying be careful not to set the blow dryer too hot, and to keep it at a distance 0f 5inch min. Extreme heat can damage or dry out your Hair. 

Beauty Sleep: Tie your hair or put it in a braid before you go to sleep. This is how you avoid tangles.


Q: Will they damage my hair?
A: Absolutely not! There are many hair extension horror stories out there, these have come about due to inexperienced and unqualified people fitting hair extensions and as a result damaging people's hair. We can guarantee that your hair will not be damaged if you care for them properly and follow our aftercare advice.


Q: Will they make my natural hair thinner?
A: Absolutely not! Without noticing, on average we lose between 50-100 hairs a day, but when you have hair extensions fitted in, it will be less noticeable so when it comes to having them removed you may find some of your natural hair is coming out, this is because it has been held in place by the bonds. You may think that your hair feels thinner afterwards but this is because you will be so used to having thicker hair from the extensions.


Q: Will I loose bonds/ micro rings ?
A: Yes it is normal to loose bonds/ micro rings this can be once your hair start to grow alongside the bonds/ rings the extensions will be put back in your maintenance appointment some clients loose none with others

it can vary.

Q: How to maintain my tape extensions?

A: Wig and weave tape does not wash out easily with normal shampoos and conditioners, so you can wash and style your hair as usual with a tape-in weave. Just be careful not to apply scalp oils too heavily or too often, as these do loosen the tape bond, and your tape hair extensions can last for up to two months, if cared for properly. However, it is recommended that you remove the tape and oil the scalp after a month, and then wait at least another month before applying any tape hair extensions again. This will restore the scalp and prevent hair loss from repeated taping and tape removal.


 One of the most important things about hair extension is that you need to treat it with care. Be gentle while brushing your hair; if you do not handle it properly your hair extension will get damaged quickly. 


  • Don't use hot water to wash your hair, use medium temperature and(if possible) give a quick cold rinse at the end of your wash. Be gentle and avoid grasping the root while washing to minimise damage. Don’t keep the dryer too close to the root hair.

  • Don’t forget to deep condition your hair extension at least once a week. Leave it on the hair for approximately 15-20 minutes and rinse. This extra TLC will give your hair an extra moisturizing boost.

  • Keep those ends trimmed. No matter what you do, your hair extensions will inevitably get split ends. The best way to keep split ends from getting out of control is to regularly trim them. Trim the ends of the hair every 6 to 10 weeks. Keep in mind that you don't won’t to trim too much, otherwise you will quickly lose the length of your hair. You can either do it yourself or have a professional trim them for you

  •  Use heat protectors. Now days, just about everyone uses heated appliances on their hair. Whether it's a blow dryer/ curling iron or flat iron, they all have one thing in common: they damage your hair. If you want to make sure your extensions last, your best bet is to use heat protection  products whenever you use a heated appliance on your hair.

  •     These  simple steps will prevent breakage/damage and keep your locks looking great for longer.


     You can pre book  appointment for your maintenance session or consultation.